Order repair of premises

Order the repair of premises

Complex repair of the room from the Partner-construction company is a guarantee of the qualitative materials checked more than once. These are written guarantees for all construction works prescribed in the Contract. This is an unsurpassed result. Our company carries out repair of premises of commercial real estate since 2006 and for these years could realize wishes of more than 100 clients among which it is possible to meet such well-known brands as:


– Itera

– Danone

– Samsung

– Hacken


– Tetra Pac

– Siemens

– Nestle

– and many others. Recent clients are published on our website – here.

Order repair of rooms it is best of all at the company which can make a complex of repair and construction works, is able to design and establish engineering networks, completely manages the construction project and we guarantee qualitative result and terms of performance. That is, it can perform the repair of the premises “turnkey”.

In our “Portfolio” You can see our latest works that have completely changed the company from the inside. Several of our clients have told us that after we have renovated their office, the efficiency of the company and the work of each employee has become much better. The company as if received “new life”. Its concept and positioning in the market has changed. Partners and customers began to treat him more loyally and with great respect.

Order room repair
A modern office is a very serious marketing tool. It is known that “on clothes meet” – office in this case also is such “clothes”. If you are a solid company, IT company or a promising startup, your office should stand out from other competitors, should be corporate style, convenience and modern technology. Our company constantly monitors innovations in construction – we offer our customers only the best solutions. It can be as elements of “smart home” that allow you to remotely manage office space (this solution we have implemented in the construction of coworking Anthill Space) or the use of the latest materials for painting walls.

Order room repair
Modern commercial real estate and office in particular, it is not just a room, it is a place where your employees will spend most of their lives, and whether they are comfortable here will depend largely on the efficiency of their work. We recommend investing in the renovation of the premises of the optimal part of their finances and time in order to enable your employees to communicate informally in separate areas-rest, create a kitchen area and rest for your employees. And after a short time after the implementation of the repair of the premises, You will be able to make sure that the investment in the repair of the premises was successful.

“Partner-construction” will perform all necessary works for repair of the room: we can prepare for You project documentation, to offer the modern concept for your room, to realize, and before to design very important engineering networks, to execute all repair and construction works. Control over the construction and every stage of it, we will also perform with maximum professionalism and care in every detail.

Order repair of premises from “Partner-construction”

If you want order a room repair, then you can use our website and leave your phone in the form below this article. or send your repair order to: office@partner-construction.ua. the Order for measurement of the room, calculation of the estimate and terms-is carried out free of charge, after all clarifications with the Manager. The cost of 1 square meter of complex repair from 350$. Warranty on all materials and works from 1 year!