Construction project management – trust the best

Construction project Management – trust the best

Any construction project is a major risk and a very large number of important nuances. When a company wants to build a new office or perform a major overhaul of an office or other commercial real estate, it is very important to find the right General contractor company for such an important business. Managing construction projects independently for a non-construction company or a company that has very little experience in this business is risky and unjustified.

General Contractor from & quot;Partner construction & quot; is a complete management of repair and construction works from the concept stage to the full implementation of the project. We officially state in the Contract that we are fully responsible for each stage and final implementation of the construction project.

When you turn to the professionals you get help and prevent the possible set of errors that could result In you a large time and financial losses.

Management of construction projects in any case can not be trusted unknown companies that do not have a good portfolio of work performed, can not conclude and guarantee the results of the Contract. “Partner-construction & quot; to all work on the management of construction projects starts only after the Contract was signed in which we fix the timing of all work, prescribe the cost of services, guarantees and all the responsibility that falls on our shoulders. Your construction project is under reliable guarantees and you can always be sure of an excellent result.

construction project Management-trust the best We as repair and construction companies have implemented more than a hundred major construction projects. We have been working since 2006. This is a huge experience, which can boast a unit of construction companies full cycle in Ukraine.

We provide services such as:

office renovation turnkey and office construction

repair and construction

construction project management

engineering systems

“Partner construction” – it has an excellent reputation as a reliable partner. During the activity we cooperated and work to this day with such giants of the market as: Itera, Samsung, eram, AXA, Hacken, Danone, Biocodex, and many others. A list of brands we have recently partnered with is always available at “our clients“.

Latest works You can see on the website on the page “Portfolio“.

We stand for an individual approach to each construction project. The team that will carry out construction work and management of the construction project will be off: foreman who will be able to supervise and control the project, project Manager-the link between customers and us, engineers, quantity surveyors and builders who in the required amount will be involved.

We know well each stage of construction or repair and when you order service – management of construction projects, You address to professionals who accurately understand at each stage as everything has to be.

construction project Management

If you are an investor and want to invest your money in construction, you need a reliable General contractor. Your money will be spent as correctly as possible and all construction processes will be under full control. The construction sector is very attractive for investment and profit in the shortest possible time. The key to your success will be the construction company “Partner construction”, which has the necessary knowledge, experience and information to exercise full control over the property at the required level.

Construction project Management is a type of special services that coordinate the efforts of people, the achievement of modern construction technologies and the use of available resources. For any investor in commercial real estate cooperation with us is to minimize its risks.

Construction project Management – “Partner construction”