Repair of offices

Office Renovation

Repairs are easy. If you are a Partner Construction customer.

Office renovation includes all the work that you may need when opening a room in the office centre, business centre or any other place around Kiev.

We always take all the complexity of the implementation and responsibility for ourselves, so that our customers can enjoy the finished work. Not feeling the burden of dealing with subcontractors or bureaucratic fuss.

In our portfolio, you will find photos of our offices and other objects. We work with world market leaders. Our clients are such companies as Siemens, Danone, AXA and many others.
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Basic (from 350$ m2)

Option with an effective ratio of work, materials and time. The work is performed exactly on time. We use proven materials that can be found in most modern shopping centers. The execution time depends on the area of your room.

Standard (from 450$ m2)

Option with a convenient ratio of work, materials and time. Works are carried out precisely in the stipulated time, as much as possible adapting to needs of the customer. We use materials and technologies which you will meet in the best shops of Kiev. Time also depends on the volume.

Premium (from 550$ m2)

Option with the maximum load on us. The time is short. Regardless of the amount of work done for 3 months in two shifts. All materials and quality of work performed at the level of A+ class. This quality you will see only in the best hotels and restaurants around the world.


Operational approach

In the repair often have to perform several actions at the same time. For example, design and dismantling. Our approach is that we do not wait for the completion of a certain stage to begin preparing for the next. This allows us not to stretch the repair for many months, and to do everything as quickly as possible.

Comprehensive service

All questions of the organization and suppliers are on us. You just need to transfer this responsibility to us and wait for the finished result. We have everything for realization of your object.

Reasonable argumentation of prices for services and materials

Our estimates are as loyal to our customers as possible. You can always check the prices with any wholesale store, such as Epicenter or New Line, and see that the prices are often even below market. Prices for our services depend on the complexity of the work and may be slightly higher than our competitors. On the other hand, it is a guarantee of our quality, because good things are not cheap.

Innovative approach to problem solving

We constantly monitor the market in search of new ideas and suppliers. We constantly carry out activities aimed at improving the skills of our employees. This allows us to make better repairs and implement unique designs faster and better than anyone on the market.

Experienced team working since 2006

If we take as a starting point the registration of the brand “Partner Construction” in 2006, we have implemented more than 100 large objects throughout Ukraine. This experience guarantees You the best quality of work.

The estimate error usually does not exceed 3.5% of the agreed amount

When You have a finished project, the budget estimate error can range from 3% to 5%. In the case when there is no project – from 5% to 10% maximum. And this is the lowest error rate in the field of repair construction.

What if You need an office renovation right now?

Leave your phone number in the form, order a callback or just call our number at a convenient time for You.

We are used to working in a situation with limited time. A large database of employees and well-established communication with suppliers allow us to reduce the time for implementation by 1.5-2 times, without losing the quality of work. See for yourself by ordering a presentation about us or a personal consultation with our Manager.

In Partner Construction, we carry out repairs and construction throughout Kiev. Our clients are often so busy that they do not have the opportunity to delve into construction terminology or drawings. In order not to waste your time, we will explain everything as accessible as possible. You will always be sure that the repair takes place as you want it.

We are Also a full cycle company. What’s the meaning of that?

This means that we can implement the desired object, even if You have only an idea. We will not be difficult to do everything from scratch, based on Your wishes.

Work with permits and documentation is also on us. Why do You waste time on questions that relate to construction, if it can be provided to people who since 2006 implement the best commercial premises in Kiev?

A simple call to our company and the Manager will listen to your wishes in detail, after which we will form the most optimal option for You.
Almost forgot.…

Working with us, you get at least a year warranty on all work!
Ask for advice even if the opening of the premises You plan in the distant future).


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