Repair and construction works

Repair and construction works

Partner Construction provides all types of construction works for commercial premises.
Our competence includes such services as: repair and construction works, project management, installation of engineering networks. We carry out repair work since 2006. Repair of offices, repair of restaurants, repair of cafes, repair of shops, repair of banks, shopping and business centers, hotels, car dealerships, halls of business centers.
Partner Construction works at the market of repair and construction services not only in Kiev, but also throughout Ukraine. Experience in working with regions and well-established logistics provide us with a quick organization of work and mobilization of resources to start construction anywhere.

The principles of the company

  • Integrated approach

Partner Construction provides: complex project management, organization and management of repair and construction processes, technical supervision and construction control.

  • Deadline

We are ready and able to work on projects with strict time constraints.
And we are ready to fix the announced terms in the contract.

  • Individual approach

When we implement a new project, we define a project team that will work from start to finish with you. We hold regular meetings on site or in the office with our clients for the operational coordination of issues affecting the project.

This is done to be able to analyze the work in real time. To make engineering and technological decisions on the spot. This system allows you to respond as quickly as possible to events and make important decisions in a timely manner without losing time and quality and minimize the risks affecting your project.