Our Services

In Partner Construction we provide the following services: repair and construction works, engineering systems and construction project management. For more than 10 years, successfully implemented more than 200 construction projects for the leaders of the Ukrainian market, including such companies as Siemens, Itera, Danon, Ferrero, AXA Group, radio Liberty, Biocodex, Tetra Pac, Nestle, Bacardi-Martini and many others.

Partner Construction has highly qualified personnel and modern construction equipment. We carry out high-quality repair of premises and complete project management.

Repair and construction works

Partner Construction carries out repair and construction works in shopping and business centers, offices, shops, restaurants, hotels, motor shows, banks, etc.

We perform repair and construction works, installation of ceiling systems, project management, electrical works, plumbing works, engineering networks, ventilation and air conditioning systems, SCS (Structured cabling systems or Internet and telephony), low-current systems, lighting and other possible works in the complex.

Since 2006 we have been working in the field of repair of commercial premises, have gained extensive experience in the use of various modern technologies and materials. We are constantly improving the professional level of our employees, being in constant communication with manufacturers of the most modern, high-quality and environmentally friendly materials.
Partner Construction performs finishing and construction work at the highest level.

Project Management

Partner Construction acts as a coordinator of repair and construction processes, ensuring coordinated work and effective project management.
Our project managers at each stage monitor compliance with schedules, carry out budget control and quality control of construction works.

We take responsibility for the management of repair, construction and engineering projects, while saving money and time. Long-term experience of our managers allows us to minimize risks and manage stakeholders so that the customer feels calm and comfort in the implementation of the object.

Engineering systems

What is included in the concept of engineering systems? Engineering systems are: ETR (electrical solutions: ETR (electrical solutions: electricity and lighting), HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), VC (water supply and Sewerage), SCS (structured cabling systems or Internet and telephony), SCD (access control system), VN (video surveillance)
All this is necessary not only at the level of legislation, but also for the productive work of your staff.
Our experts provide all the necessary information, with our advice we will help you to plan and perform the necessary work in a timely manner.
At Partner Construction, we have extensive experience in dealing with risks, and we have been successfully performing this kind of work since 2006.