Repair of offices under the key

Repair of offices under the key

Repair of offices

“Partner-construction” will repair offices in Kiev at the highest level.

In addition to the comfort for You and your employees (because in the first place for it is the repair of the office or its construction), the company will receive a unique interior that will distinguish you from many similar companies.

turnkey office Renovation from our company, this is a well-implemented project, regardless of the complexity of the object. Let’s say you only have an idea for the office. In this case we are ready to offer you not only repair, but also the concept of design, design and construction. Estimates, guarantees and terms we will write in the contract, do not worry about it. You do not need to worry about the progress of work, we implement all construction works on a turnkey basis.

It is worth noting that today a unique marketing tool can be considered not only digital tools, but also a unique office interior (or design). It not only creates a favorable impression on Your potential customers, but also distinguishes you as a company in the labor market. Young professionals increasingly prefer companies with a cozy office and a pleasant atmosphere inside.

In our company you will be able to order such service as capital repairs of office. And since you’re here, let’s look at what options we can offer it.

Office Overhaul.

The service, which involves the execution of works on the complete redevelopment. It works from scratch, choose self-leveling floors or install a false floor. Choose a variable open-space, which you can organize at any time for different teams or choose standard walls, or maybe you need to implement coworking. Major repairs, we implement the installation of heating systems, finishing works, facade works, installation of engineering systems, fire alarms, security alarms, ventilation systems, installation of the sewage system, CCTV, HVAC etc. The right option would be to put it all in the hands of one contractor.

Cosmetic office repair.

We will perform any cosmetic repair of offices in Kiev. We can change the design of offices, halls and offices. To correct the defects in the finish. Competently organize the working space.

If you are the owner of a large holding company and you need to open a representative office in Kiev, then you need to build an office. In fact, it is the same repair, only in the business center, specialized in offices. So build a separate building you probably will not have)

But if you want, in this case we are ready to take on the maximum load, to work in 2 shifts to finish the repair even faster. All work is done at a+ class using the best materials. This you will see only in the best offices in the world.

“Partner-construction” regardless of the complexity of the object and the peculiarities of its operation provides services for repair of turnkey offices. In addition, we guarantee the fulfillment of all our obligations on terms and estimates. We are ready to return 100 000 UAH without questions. unless we do. We are not sure of the result.

Repair of office premises in Kiev

Repair of office space in Kiev requires qualified specialists in the development of the concept, design and proper approach, which will allow to perform the work in the shortest possible time, while at a consistently high European quality.

Today, new offices are in high demand, and the vacancy rate is too low. All reputable companies understand how important it is to have a presentable and comfortable office. The efficiency of employees will grow if they work in a comfortable, functional and modern office.

So start preparing to move in advance with us.

Repair of office turn-key price

In accordance with the features and parameters of the repair is determined by the cost of repair office. In order to accurately assess what will be the price of office repair is required to inspect the premises, to understand all the work and materials that will be needed. We shared the cost of repairing the office for our customers for three base rates:[/smaller]

prices for repair and construction works

Option 1 from$ 350 per square meter

All work will be completed in time. All materials which are used at repair of office – we checked and are used in many office centers. From the quadrature of the room depends on the time of work.

2 Version from $ 450 per square meter

All works will be performed on time. We maximally adapt to your wishes about the timing of the work. From the quadrature of the room depends on the time of work. Technologists and materials are the most popular in the office centers of Kiev.

3 Variant from 550$ per square meter

All works will be performed up to 3 months, regardless of the quadrature of the room. All materials and quality of all works is A+ class.

Repair time

Terms of completion of work largely depend on the type of repair: cosmetic, capital, elite; office space and other features of office repair. The final terms of completion of the work, which are prescribed in the service Agreement, are determined by our specialist after leaving the facility and agreeing with You.

Warranty for repair of office in Kiev

“Partner-construction” is a minimum of 1 year warranty on all work provided.

How do I order an office renovation?

Just call us: +38 044 299 23 32

Email us:

Use our online chat with the entrance from any messenger (blue button on the right)

Come to our beautiful office: Kiev, Nikolay Vasilenko str., 7a.

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