Repair of office space

Repair of office space

Office renovation

We Partner Construction – professionals who according to the estimates and terms stipulated in the Contract in advance and we carry out repair of offices in Kiev. Our company has many years of experience (since 2006) and experience in the field of repair construction. We are a proven contractor – you can trust us. Go to the Recommendation letters to see for yourself.

Office renovation

Now enough advertising, let’s talk about this quality repair of office space.

Not everyone complies with modern quality standards at their facilities. Frankly, few people do well, if the technical supervision does not kick the knee under the fifth point. Of course you have no reason to believe our word that we use only the highest quality and reliable materials, individual approach to each office space, and the goals are always achieved. Moreover, we urge You not to believe such words! Let’s agree)

If we don’t keep within the estimate or terms stipulated in the Contract – we give you as the client 100 000 UAH! Just like that. We will not let our experience and leadership in the market fall face to face. We believe in ourselves 100% and a confirmation in terms of money)

Office renovation

Okay, office renovation, what does it include?

Decoration and repair of offices from Partner Construction is, first of all, complex solutions that make a favorable impression on your partners and customers.

“But what do I care?” you ask. Where is the return on investment, because the overhaul of the office in Kiev costs a lot of money!. You’re absolutely right, no doubt. Creating a comfortable, working atmosphere for You and your employees is not cheap. For a second, from $ 350 per square meter!

Office renovation photo

despite the fact that the repair of offices, it is in fact an investment in real estate, not everyone sees the point. But we live in a world that is constantly changing, and the image for the generation that will soon make up the majority of the workforce (Millennials), just obsessed with what their friends think about them. It’s not even about the salary, it’s about how prestigious the place is. How it is convenient to work, spend time and make “photos”. We consider this nuance. Our clients claim that after the implementation of their workspace, the company’s employees began to work more efficiently, the company literally transformed, and the flow of potentially interesting personnel increased. People no longer clings only to working conditions and wages. Image is now the main criterion.

Office renovation photo
And the business card of any enterprise is, of course, its office. A potential client of the company thoroughly examines a possible partner. And he will get his first impression from the design and General atmosphere at the reception in the office.

What about the productivity and efficiency of the company’s personnel.

Well, in a modern office, everything depends on the right organization. Now some of the top coworking Kiev is simply not enough oxygen for all of its visitors. You have wanted such a problem? I’m sure not.

After all, we spend most of our time at work, in the office of the company. And our psychological and physical condition is greatly influenced by the environment. And when the employee is satisfied with everything, he is satisfied with the surrounding environment and office design – he works better. And loyalty to the company is growing.

That is why high-quality repair of premises is a very important process and it should be trusted only to professionals. You don’t invest in walls, you don’t invest in paint on stairs.

You invest in the loyalty of your employees, in the respect of customers and partners. Do not neglect two things: a convenient place to work and good marketing)

having Ordered repair of office rooms in Kiev from us, you will be able to create for your staff functional and convenient interiors, than considerably to increase efficiency of working processes in the organization as a whole.

the Cost of repair of office space in our company

Basic version of the repair from$350/m2

We carry out all the planned work on time. Materials are used in many office centers and we repeatedly checked. The time of implementation of all works depends on the quadrature of the room.

Standard version from 450$/m2

Just in time will be done all the work. Regarding the timing of the work we try to adapt to the client. Depending on the square meters of the room will depend on the time of execution of all works. The most popular technologies and materials that can be found in the Central, elite offices of Kiev are used.

Premium version from 550$/m2

Up to three months, regardless of the quadrature of the room, all work will be performed. A+ class of performance of all works and all technologies and materials. Such offices can be found in the best business centers of the World.

How do I order room repairs?

You can use our online chat and Manager Igor will be able to advise You on any issue.

You can also call us by phone: +38 044 299 23 32

Or write to us at corporate email:

Our beautiful office is located at 7a mikoli Vasilenka Street, Kiev. You will clearly be able to make sure that our company works only with the best and most modern and innovative materials that are presented in our office.

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