Order repair of office in Kiev

Order repair of office in Kiev

Order office renovation in Kiev

Repair service office in Kiev is very popular today, and there are many reasons. Modern companies are very serious about preserving their workforce. One funding is already insufficient, especially when we are talking about it companies of the capital. It is important to create a corporate culture, concept and strictly adhere to it in the office design. The employee should be as comfortable and convenient at work.

Large IT companies choose not only ergonomic office furniture, but also create areas for recreation, kitchen and other entertainment for their employees. As you know – the staff decide everything, it is suitable in the present time!

Order repair of office in KievEmployee of the company works more effectively if he has an opportunity to have a rest, to make a pause, to communicate in convenient special functional zones, especially if all this in office. It is necessary initially, in the construction of the office – competently think through everything, and this requires a reliable construction company that specializes in the construction and repair of the office in Kiev. Such a company there is — this we.

To order repair of office in Kiev You can always at us by phone: +38 044 299 23 32 or by contacting the online chat on our website. We are true professionals with a long history of successful projects. Our company exists in the construction market since far 2006, during this time we successfully realized many large, difficult and interesting construction projects relating to office spaces. This is our direct specialization. Our group of campaigns – can develop the concept of Your future office taking into account all your wishes and to realize it precisely in time which is stated in the Contract. We guarantee the quality of work and materials that we use. We cooperate only with the best producers of Ukraine and Europe. All materials have certificates, they are all safe for human health.

Order repair of office in KievWe pay much attention to our personnel of the company: only the best work for us! Our belief: that in construction there have to be professionals of the business with the higher profile education. We always adhere to this principle. We have a large staff of permanent employees in the Group of our company employs about 300 people!

And thanks to this we have the opportunity to approach each construction project individually.

When a person turns to us and wants — order the repair of the office in Kiev, it works with a separate project Manager, who will subsequently solve all construction issues. This is a specialist who is always in touch and keeps everything under control. On all construction sites we establish full control for the ability to make operational decisions in the form of ip-cameras. It is convenient Spasov to track the repair process of the office in real-time. In addition, high-class professionals in engineering communications, all with specialized higher education and many years of experience of successful work work for each client.

The estimate, which is formed on the basis of the materials to be used and the work that will be required to perform, we will make the Contract. The maximum deviation from the amount of the estimate does not exceed 3.5%, which is much lower than the competitors in the repair and construction market of Ukraine. In addition, we offer refund conditions in the amount of 100 000 UAH. if for some reason we do not meet the estimates or deadlines. This is a financial motivation for us and peace of mind for You as a customer. You will not find such offers and confidence in the forces at competitors.

Office renovation in Kiev

For clients of the partner Construction company offers all types of repair: cosmetic repair (“to refresh” the room, to bring in it bright accents, to change design of office) – ideally suits the small companies which rent office space and do not want to invest in repair of office in a complex.

Capital repair of office or repair of office “turnkey” – we carry out all complex of works on full change of your office. This includes: redevelopment, alignment of all surfaces (walls, floor, ceiling), installation of all utilities (water supply and Sewerage, electricity, lighting, telephone and Internet, video surveillance).

In our practice, we have noticed that when a client orders a service: major office renovation or turnkey office renovation – it turns into a successful investment. Employees and TOP management of such companies later tell us that their company has become another, more efficient, new. The time spent (by contacting us we can perform any amount of work in the shortest possible time) and the funds (we always meet our customers and choose the best options for you) is, in fact, investing in the growth of Your company. It has already been proved by many large companies, including our customers (Danone, Samsung, JLL, Itera, Siemens, EPAM, etc.), that the efficiency and productivity of work largely depends on the proper organization of the office.

And for high-quality repair of office in Kiev it is necessary to choose the company which is able to perform this work. The office is a business card of the company, its face. It is important for us that customers and employees are always satisfied with the office in which they are located.

For an accurate decision on cooperation with us – we recommend — to get acquainted with our portfolio, read the recommendations about us from our customers and if You are convinced, then call us: +38 044 299 23 32 or email:, use the chat on the website or the form below – and we will contact You and create the office of Your dreams.

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