Construction work

Construction work

Construction works

What distinguishes today the repair and construction company in the market of Ukraine? First of all, it is highly qualified specialists and extensive experience of complex and large projects. “Partner-construction” is a company that provides construction services since 2006, and has in its staff only the best of the best: builders, architects, foremen, engineers and many other specialists have higher specialized education which is necessary for admission to specialized repair and construction works. In addition to education, they have extensive experience with the largest construction projects in the country. The high level of professionalism and quality control at all stages can reduce the time of implementation of projects and financial costs.

Construction works by Partner-construction

Construction workFor more than 10 years we have been successfully performing repair and construction work at the highest level. Here are a few services which we recommend it will return to us: the installation of ceiling systems, plumbing works, construction of engineering networks, installation of air conditioning and ventilation systems, lighting, and SKS, and many other works which we are ready to perform for You in the complex.

In our work we use only the best, high-quality materials and the most advanced technologies.

Engineering systems from Partner-construction

Our company will successfully save the customer from the need to solve any engineering tasks and will perform all “turnkey” exactly in the terms prescribed in the Contract. The concept of engineering systems includes: lighting and electricity, ventilation, water supply, heating, air conditioning, telephony, Sewerage, Internet, access control system and video surveillance.

As You know, engineering systems are the type of work that can be entrusted only to professionals with extensive successful experience who will be able to adequately plan everything, to suggest the most effective and adequate solutions to the situation. Call us: +38 044 299 23 32 miles write to us on mail: and we will undertake all these difficult works.

Сonstruction project Management by our company

Construction works photo“Partner-construction” assumes all risks that may be associated with repair and construction projects. We are ready to fully manage the implementation of Your construction projects. Our company is a well-coordinated mechanism. And each project under our management is: a qualified project Manager (for coordinated activities), several managers with experience in engineering communications and repair and construction sphere. At all stages of construction of commercial real estate “Partner-construction” effectively manages and controls all processes. All our responsibility is fixed in the official Contract.

Construction prices

We have successfully implemented more than 200 construction projects for large companies, among which You will find: Siemens, AXA Group, Danone, Nestle, Biocodex, Ferrero, Itera, Tetra Pac and many others. Based on our experience, we were able for our customers to bring the grid at prices for construction services in our company. Construction services “turnkey” from our company are:

from 350$ per square meter

The terms of all works are confirmed in the Contract and everything is done according to them. From the total quadrature of the room depends on the time of work. All the materials that we use in the repair and construction work can be found in many offices of the country and we have repeatedly tested.

from 450$ per square meter

Execution of all works – just in time. We go as much as possible to meet our client, with regard to the desired deadlines. In the business centers of Kiev, you can find this level of technology and materials that we will use in this version.

from 550$ per square meter

All materials and all kinds of work is A+ class. Term of implementation and execution of all works prescribed in the Contract, regardless of the area of the object up to 3 months! This level of work can be found in the best offices and other commercial real estate in the World.

Order construction services from the best

We are very careful in our impeccable reputation. Each client is different for us. We always listen to all the wishes of the client. And if You decided to order construction services in Kiev in our company, we will do everything that you never regretted about this choice. For our cooperation You need to do not so much:

— Use our online chat and Manager Igor will advise You on any issue.
— Or call us on the phone: +38 044 299 23 32
— Write us an email: – we will respond to You.
— Always waiting for You to visit us at the address: Kiev mikoli Vasilenka street, 7a.

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