Construction of new office in Kiev

Construction of new office in Kiev

Construction of office in Kiev

Construction of offices in Kiev is a great opportunity for a solid company to highlight its individuality at the corporate level, your customers will see that you have an impeccable style and choose the best solutions for your business and for high-quality office space design. Here the main key to success will be – the choice of the right contractor for such a responsible and difficult work. It is best to choose a company that specializes not in construction in the General sense of the word, namely the service – the construction of the office. Only such a repair and construction company can do everything: qualitatively and according to the estimates and terms prescribed in the Contract.

office Construction in Kiev “Partner Construction” company will be able to help you with such services as: office construction, office renovation, construction project management of any complexity. These are the main services that our company has been engaged for more than 10 years since 2006. We have implemented more than 200 successful construction projects. You can see some of the latest projects in company Portfolio.

We are engaged in such responsible work as construction of offices in Kiev. Many World leaders and major brands, among which we can note: JLL, Colgate, Samsung, EPAM, Danone, and many others preferred us. Recommendation letters from our customers You can also see. For us, the business reputation of the company is very important, for this reason we have quality in the first place, exactly in the time and estimate prescribed in the Contract and as a result – the construction of an office, the implementation of which is for each of our clients as easily as possible and without hitches. We have an individual approach not only in words.

We delve into every detail of the future construction of the office, we are attentive to the wishes of the client.

— Individual approach. If you want to get a turnkey office construction that will fully reflect your personality and the spirit of your company. We can do this! To do this, it will be enough to call us: +38 044 299 23 32 or write to us on the website in the online chat – our employee Igor is always happy To help you. We will implement any, even the most daring of Your ideas. If necessary, our group of companies will be able to develop a concept for your company and implement it. We carry out – the construction of offices "turnkey". You will not need to worry. we all assume. At each construction site we install ip-cameras – for constant monitoring and efficiency of decision-making. Each client will be served by a separate team of professionals which will include: construction engineers with higher education, project Manager with whom the client will be in constant contact if necessary.

— Quality and proven materials. In the work we use only checked not once, qualitative materials which are used in the best offices of Kiev. We always go to meet your customer and will be able to choose the best option for your budget and functional requirements of the project.

In the construction and repair of offices, we use materials including A+ class.

Construction of office in Kiev— Terms and estimates. If Your company expects to order the construction of an office in Kiev, then you definitely have suggestions about the timing and accuracy of the estimates which will be spelled out in the Contract. “Partner Construction” always strictly observes all the obligations imposed on us: the terms and estimates are spelled out in the contract. If we go beyond them – we are ready to return to the client 100 000 UAH! We are fully confident in the implementation of the project of any complexity and any area. We make a real schedule of all construction works. Project Manager controls everything at every stage. We are not afraid and effectively solve any force majeure circumstances that may be on the construction site of the office. Thanks to high-quality selection of personnel (we have the best specialists of the construction niche of Ukraine) – we at each stage of work get the highest quality of work. Warranty on materials and work from one year.

Even the largest or most complex office facility we will be able to implement efficiently, reliably and as quickly as possible. Turning to the company “Partner Construction” you can be sure of a great result. If You want to get a beautiful and comfortable office space for your employees and customers – call us: +38 044 299 23 32 or you can write to us in the form below – we will answer you promptly.

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