Construction companies — how to choose?

Construction companies — how to choose?

Construction companies – how to choose?

To repair an office or to build an office, today, you will definitely need to make a difficult choice – a construction company or a construction team (or several such teams). In this short article, we will reveal the main advantages of choosing a construction company for the successful implementation of such complex work.

Most CEOs of modern companies in the CIS understand the importance of a modern, convenient and functional office. This significantly improves the perception of the company among partners and customers. In addition, importantly, the company’s employees begin to work more efficiently, this is another good reason why employees remain in the company while maintaining loyalty to the employer. If you look at trends in the capital of Ukraine, you can see a direct correlation between good conditions in the office and the desire of employees to stay in the company. Moreover, even wages do not play the most significant role. And for a large company, it is good working staff that is its main capital. The construction or repair of an office should be perceived as a very good investment in the future success of the company and its development.
Construction companies — how to choose?

But even understanding these facts, it is not always clear why companies are considering the possibility of (pseudo-) savings and are turning to unreliable construction teams and dubious companies. It is very important to clearly state for yourself the ultimate goal of the entire repair construction, visualize and stipulate the final result, form a clear understanding of the complexity of such work and understand the importance of using high-quality materials in the construction or repair of an office. After all this, you will realize the importance of having professional workers and engineers for the company. After all, it is they who will carry out all the most important work. We will outline some unpleasant moments that a company can expect that will turn to an unverified construction team:

– Work can be technically incorrect, which can lead to serious problems. (A small flaw in the air supply system can make employees literally rush to go outside)

– Construction crews are reluctant to sign a contract with a client. They emphasize their word and promises. But they refuse to confirm their words documented with guarantees. Unverified construction companies are more willing to sign obligations, but in which case, a foggy contract allows them to delay payments for forfeits.

– Many unscrupulous construction crews take an advance from the customer after which they may not get in touch. And it can be problematic to return funds, we are not talking about unfulfilled obligations at all. For companies, this system may be more complex with the use of dummy legal entities. persons, but the result is the same. A huge risk of losing time and money. (and at best – to get low-quality repair of your office space)

We have listed several possible problems. We do not claim that all construction crews are scammers, we just want to protect our customers as much as possible from such problems. In order not to take risks, we recommend contacting professional repair and construction companies.
Construction companies — how to choose?

When looking for a construction company, it is very important to pay attention to such important features as:

– How many construction companies are on the market.

– What projects (and for whom) have the company already completed.

– Does the company work comprehensively (it is very important that the organization can complete all the work and be responsible for the entire implementation from start to finish).

– Does the company guarantee results. Guarantees for the execution of exact deadlines, the performance of all work and the accuracy of the final estimate. Require it in the contract.

– Maximum accuracy in the contract without “vague” language.

– Examine letters of recommendation from company customers.

Some information about the construction company “Partner Construction”

We have been working since 2006. The experience of selling more than 200 tons of large-scale (more than 1000 sq. M.) Construction projects are difficult to overestimate. We have the best professionals with higher engineering and construction education. We always adhere to all standards and technical recommendations of manufacturers. We carry out the largest and most complex work in Ukraine. We have created all kinds of commercial real estate for: Samsung, Danone, JLL, Siemens, and many others. On our site in the section ” Portfolio ” you can explore the work we have done.

Our company performs a full range of construction and engineering works. In addition, you can order the service ” Construction project Management“. We work completely transparently and officially. We conclude a contract with each customer. Which definitely made the timing of all works and the cost. For the convenience of customers, we have developed tariff plans from $ 350 per 1 square meter to $ 550 per 1 square meter.

The difference between them is in two main things: in the quality of materials from the quality and repeatedly tested by us to the highest quality A+ and in the timing of all work. At a cost of $ 550 per square, regardless Of your area, we are guaranteed to perform all the work for 3 months!

Contact the construction company “Partner Construction”

We will always be glad to cooperate. We are professionals in our field and are very responsible in our activities and in the construction work in General. We understand the importance and responsibility that the client places on us. We are waiting for your call: +38 044 299 23 32. You can also use the feedback form below. Or write to us in the online chat.

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