Construction and repair

Construction and repair

Construction and repair

In Kiev, today there is a very high demand for qualified, professional specialists in the field of repair and construction services. Unfortunately, very often there are situations when construction repairs were performed poorly, which ultimately leads to very serious financial losses, waste of time and nerves.

The same can be said about construction. The company “Partner-construction” is very determined and categorically against this approach in work. Back in 2006, we made a decision and a goal: to provide repair and construction services at the highest level and since then have never changed this principle. In our opinion professionalism and experience in construction and repair work is simply obligatory, but is not desirable as many customers think trying to save on the construction company and address to different contractors, construction crews, and similar unfair performers.

Construction and repair photoAs a result, as we know from the bitter experience of many such customers – you need to redo repair of office, or to begin construction from the beginning that as a result is even more expensive both on terms and on means. It is much more profitable to apply directly to professionals.

Construction and repair from Partner-construction

Our company specializes in repair and construction services more than 10 years. Over the years, we have successfully implemented more than 200 large and very complex construction projects. We always precisely fulfill the obligations assumed under the Contract on terms and the estimate.

We use only high-quality materials and use the services of only professional staff with higher education in construction and extensive experience. Our words are confirmed by a lot of positive reviews and letters of recommendation from the best companies in the World – who have cooperated with us. On on this page You can always see it.

Our clients, in due time, became such international companies as: Samsung, Colgate, JLL, EPAM, Danone, other Popular trade brands: Mango, Chtistian Dior, Bebe, Guess, other Famous restaurants (MCDonalds, Vapiano, Kredens cafe, etc.) and many other large companies.

We are confident in our capabilities and for non-compliance with the terms or estimates specified by us in the Contract with the client are ready to pay him – 100 000 UAH!

Basic services of our company

Engineering systems

Engineering and technical tasks we are ready to perform for our client in full. You do not need to separately look for several companies to implement: electricity and Sewerage – we will do everything in a complex and with the highest quality.

The engineering networks service can include:

— Lighting and electricity

— Sewerage and water supply

— Ventilation system

— Telephony

— Access control system

— Video surveillance systems

— Internet network

— Heating systems

In General, our company is ready to perform the installation of any engineering networks without exception. With such work is strongly recommended to apply only to the pros of the business, call: +38 044 299 23 32 or write in chat on site.

Construction works

Construction and repair photoOur company is engaged in all types of construction works from the very beginning of existence and during this time we learned the most advanced technologies, learned to make balanced decisions on a construction site, to be exact at a stage — planning. In construction works of the company it is possible to carry out: installation works, finishing works, concrete and reinforced concrete works, SCS, the device of engineering networks and a set of other works we are ready to execute for you in a complex.

construction project Management

“Partner-construction”will take all the risks that arise during the construction or repair and construction project. Our service for management of construction projects is shifting responsibility for the implementation of the object construction for us. In this case, the human factor is very important – or rather a team of professionals should work like a Swiss clock.

Our qualified staff is just like that.

For each construction object which was transferred to our management we allocate:

project-manager. Communicator between the client and all works and processes taking place at the facility.

several engineers with extensive experience in the field of repair and construction and engineering communications

at each site we install IP-cameras to monitor each project online and be able to quickly influence the processes at the construction site

In the official Contract will be fixed all our full responsibility and all obligations to the client for its construction object.

Turnkey construction and repair prices

Price from 350$ per m2

The Contract includes terms of implementation of all works and they are strictly carried out. The time of work depends on the total area. All the materials are of good quality and many times we checked.

Price from 450$ per m2

Terms of implementation of all works are observed according to the Contract. We try to fulfill the wishes of the client about the timing of the project. Materials that will be used in the construction or repair of the object can be found in the best offices of Kiev.

Price from 550$ per m2

Up to 3 months we implement absolutely any object – the area in this version does not matter! All work and all materials is A+ class. Works and materials that will be used in this version can be found in the best non-commercial premises in the World.

Order construction and repair

In our opinion, reputation is the most important thing for a self – respecting company. And we have worked for many years to work with us the best companies and brands not only in Ukraine but also in the World. We have an individual approach to each client and provide construction and repair services at the highest level. If You share our values: that repair and construction should be performed by professionals and do not want to experiment on your company, please contact us, here are a few options how to do it:

— online chat and Manager Igor will advise You

— mail:

— phone: +38 044 299 23 32

— address: Kyiv, street Mykoly Vasilenka, 7a.

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