Frequently asked questions and answers from “Partner Construction”

Contact us in any convenient way (phone call, email, feedback form, callback or chat on the site, etc.).

Clarify your questions with our operator. After a few basic questions, your personal Manager will start communicating with You. It will help You to determine the works that will be needed at the facility and will select an estimate based on your wishes and capabilities. The Manager will become a representative of Your interests in our company.

After agreeing on all organizational issues, we sign a contract, which clearly describes the upcoming work, the amount of costs and penalties if we do not fit into the announced deadlines or estimates.

After completion of repair and signing of all acts of acceptance of works we receive the stipulated sum, and you new office on which the guarantee from 12 months is given.

In 90% of cases we work receiving an advance on materials in the amount of 50% of the estimated amount. After the completion of all work we receive the remaining 50%.
But the policy of our company implies a flexible approach to customers and in the case when it is impossible to work under the scheme “50% to – 50% after”, we stipulate other conditions personally.

First of all, it all depends on the speed of decision-making of the client.

We always provide options up to 5 working days and a ready miscalculation up to 10 working days. The solutions provided earlier are usually not accurate and will ultimately require additional costs from the customer. The error of our estimates usually does not exceed 3.5%.

The speed of work depends on the amount of work and their complexity. But we at Partner Construction know how to minimize the time by combining work (for example, simultaneous execution of dismantling and preparation of design work), as well as performing work in 2 shifts.
In this case, you can reduce execution time by up to 30% without losing quality.

Working with us You sign a contract that fully protects Your side from possible risks. Depending on the scale and type of work we give a guarantee of 12 months.
The agreement checked by the lawyers of the parties involved and given to the form that suits everyone.

All our offers are strictly individual and are calculated based on the needs of customers. In the preparation of estimates, we provide 3 to choose from:
— minimum costs;
— optimal costs;
— best quality.

If necessary, the estimates are combined and adjusted to the client’s capabilities. You get the best price at the offer stage and can affect the final amount.

Remember, the smaller the amount, the less wear-resistant materials will be used. And thus guarantee and the term of office will be reduced proportionally to.

In fact, the prices are not higher. The prices are optimal and take into account the income of our company.

The difference is in the accuracy of work evaluation and the quality of the final result. We are approached by world-class companies. Working with leaders in the Ukrainian market, we have learned to calculate estimates with an error of not more than 3.5%. The quality of work You can see in portfolio.


After clarifying the General information about the object, we agree on a convenient time and make measurements for free. Calculation of cost and estimate — respectively.

If you have any questions – you can ask them to us: