Partner Construction construction company

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Welcome to Partner Construction

Partner Construction is a team of professionals that performs a full range of engineering, repair and construction works, as well as provides General Contracting services for the creation of commercial use.
Our main specialization are: office space, business centers, Retail, HoReCa (hotels, restaurants, cafe), banks, fitness centers, clinics and other commercial facilities.
Unlike most repair and construction companies on the Ukrainian market, all our projects are conducted in accordance with European quality standards. This is reflected not only in the use of modern technologies, but also in the proper planning of time and budget of the project. Risks are taken into account in advance. Extensive experience, continuous professional development and close cooperation with world-renowned companies, allows us to carry out engineering, repair and construction works of the highest degree of complexity exactly on time. In 92% of cases, our preliminary estimate of the budget without a project has an error of 5-10%. In the case where there is a project, this error will be down to 3-5%.
Partner Construction is part of the Partner Group, which provides all services related to repair and construction works, interior design, design, manufacturing of office furniture and light-transparent structures. This allows us to lead the project from scratch, completely turnkey, when the customer has only the desire and budget for implementation. We can help even with an idea.
Thanks to an integrated approach, our customers do not need to spend time searching and communicating with different contractors. This is our value for the customer, this is our concern. We will advise and share the competence that we have accumulated since 2006.


Our Services

We are always happy to help you with the project, take over the project management and the responsibility stipulated in the contract. The realization of complex repair and construction, engineering works. Cooperating with us, you can always count on an individual approach, increased attention, our thoroughness, sincerity and openness in all matters of interest to you.

Construction and repair

The competence of “Partner Construction” is to implement these works as part of the project: repair and construction work, repair, project management, electrical work, plumbing work, work on the device of engineering networks, ventilation and air conditioning systems, SCS or structured cabling systems, low-voltage systems, Internet and telephony, lighting, everything you may need at your facility.

We, at Partner Construction, have a unique approach to each object. The work is based on such principles as honesty, openness, taking into account all the wishes of the client. We create a space that for many years will successfully motivate your employees to work productively.

Our company specializes in the implementation of both simple and the most complex objects, which are saturated with a huge number of engineering systems: business centers class A, business centers class B, conference rooms, meeting rooms, restaurants, shops, cafes, coffee shops, cinemas, fitness centers, clinics, hotels, bars, lobby bars, supermarkets, Bank branch and other commercial facilities for various purposes. Working since 2006, we have sold more than 200 properties. We have gained trust and become a reliable partner for many companies, including Siemens, Itera, Danon, Ferrero, AXA Group, radio Liberty, Biocodex, Tetra Pac, Nestle, Bacardi-Martini and many others.

Project Management

Partner Construction, as a General contractor, has successful experience in the implementation of complex construction projects.
Our company, in accordance with the wishes of the customer and the requirements of existing regulations, coordinates the entire construction process and is fully responsible for the amount of work performed at the facility.

Management of construction projects is necessary for companies that plan reconstruction, repair or other works on their site, but do not have the ability or competence to independently control their project.

Thanks to the quality management of material resources, time, stakeholders and risks, Partner Construction achieves its goals and minimizes the risks that the customer may face if it manages the project on its own.

Our company specializes in an integrated approach and will help you to provide competent project management and all its aspects, taking over the management of your construction site in Kiev or elsewhere throughout Ukraine.

Engineering systems

Engineering systems are a vital part of commercial, commercial, industrial, residential and administrative facilities.
Engineering networks are a mandatory attribute of any kind of commercial objects. These include: ETR (electrical solutions: electricity and lighting), HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), VC (water supply and Sewerage), SCS (structured cabling systems or Internet and telephony), SCD (access control system), VN (video surveillance)
The task of our team is to mount all the systems you need in strict accordance with the project, at the agreed time and within the budget.


Our clients

The powerful technical potential of designers, engineers, foremens, builders and project managers in this area allows the company to solve problems of different levels of complexity.

Our clients know that they are taken care of by professionals! Our mission is to realize the individuality of each client, to help to display their unique style, character and uniqueness.


Our Contacts

We are always glad to see you in our office. Our experts will advise you in detail by phone.